Holistic Energy Retreats

Customized for your group

Plan a holistic energy retreat with your friends, family, or organization. Dedicate a few days to discover a new, delightful ability within yourself and focus on relaxation and your wellness. A retreat is an amazing opportunity for you to deepen your practice and share the benefits of holistic energy healing with the people you care about most. Reiki is a wonderful form of self-care practice that helps reduce overall stress and bring about overall well being.

Leave your doubts behind and jump headfirst into this life-changing experience. From the destination to the services offered, every detail of the retreat is customized to your group's interests — plan a getaway to an exotic international location or local an inspirational local Airbnb today!

Call Kim today at 715-703-3354 to talk about your ideas for a holistic energy retreat today.

Holistic Energy Retreats

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