Understand Your Soul Purpose

Kim is a Reiki Master Teacher and Life Coach. She also has certifications in Soul Realignment®, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Advanced Crystal Therapy, and is a non-denominational ordained minister.

Kim is a retired human resource director. She worked in large, complex organizations directing and managing all aspects of human resource functions. She has a master's degree in public administration and organizational development.

Kim has coached hundreds of people through their professional and personal live challenges.

Soul Realignment® is a healing modality that uses the Akashic Records to unlock your divine gifts and soul purpose. You will learn about your Divine Soul Blueprint (your soul's story), primary energy center (your divine gifts), soul's origin, current and past life blocks, and negative karmic patterns.

All services can be provided virtually or in person.


Soul Realignment® Level 1 Profile

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life? Are you asking yourself, "Who Am I?" "What is my Purpose?" Do you feel like a part of you is missing or lost, and it's keeping you from stepping into your fullest potential? Receive deep information about your divine gifts, soul group of origination, and all current and past life blocks or restrictions. You'll learn about your soul story and bring forth conscious awareness of how these blocks affect your ability to step into your true self-expression. You will be given the opportunity to clear these restrictions. A one-to-one individualized coaching program is available to further help you learn how to take actions in alignment with who you are at soul level through professional, outcome based, supportive coaching.

Soul Realignment® Life Situation Reading

We are the powerful creators of our human experience! We are empowered to create and attract the life we desire. Despite all the spiritual tools that you have tried, are you having trouble and conflict in your personal relationships? In addition to understanding your own divine gifts and blocks, there is a powerful tool available through the Akashic Records that will help you understand who others are at soul level. Imagine knowing your child or spouse's divine gifts and their primary energy center. You can truly help your child develop in a way that is aligned to who they are at soul level. You can also learn about your relationship blocks and restrictions and the negative karmic patterns that exist and how to change them.

Soul Realignment® Soul Level Manifesting Reading

Understand exactly how your soul is designed to manifest all aspects of your human experience. Learn how you are designed to experience your divinity in relationship to other people. The information you gain in this reading can help you move all the way through manifesting completion more effectively, based on who you are at soul-level.

Soul Realignment® Life Lessons

Life lessons are not life punishments. Remember, we are the divine creator of our own human experience. Our souls choose these lessons at incarnation and can be considered the focus of what the ego needs to learn to express its divine nature in this lifetime. Life lessons are what we are here to explore! With this reading, you will understand your life lessons and how they are showing up in your life.

Soul Realignment® Life Coaching

Individual collaborative coaching is available in private one-to-one sessions. To experience transformation, a commitment of four, six, or 12-month packages are offered where you are supported to achieve life balance as well as your personal and professional goals. With each program, the Soul Realignment® profile is used as an assessment tool to help both you and me understand who you are at soul level and what alignment is needed for you to live your divine self-expression. Learn more in a free virtual consult.

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