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Exploring the Akashic Records to Discover and Reintegrate Back to Your Soul Essence

FREE 4-day Masterclass -- Explore the fascinating field of the Akashic records, unlock your purpose, and align with your soul's true calling. After taking this class, you will have the essential tools and practices to continue exploring the Akashic records and connecting with your soul's journey in your daily life.

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Day 1: Accessing the Akashic Records with Confidence
Learn about the Akashic Records and how to use this incredible tool on your spiritual awakening journey. Begin to gain confidence in your innate ability to tap into the higher dimension of the Akashic field as you develop your intuitive skills. Try various techniques and practices to help you access this powerful source of information. Understand how to mentally and emotionally prepare to enter the records and practice different meditations and visualizations to connect with this energy.

Day 2: Discovering Your Soul Blueprint
Discover your soul blueprint, divine nature, and soul essence. See how the information within the Akashic Records can help you unlock your purpose and understand your soul's true calling. Realize your divine gifts, soul group, and creation archetype! Finally, uncover the mystery of whether or not you are a starseed. Learn the basics of pendulum dowsing and experience a guided meditation to connect to your higher self. Participate in a LIVE reading of one participant's soul blueprint as we tap into the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Akashic records. Please note: If you are not selected, you may purchase a blueprinting reading session for $133.

Day 3: Aligning and Reintegrating your Soul Essence
Realize how the Akashic Records can uncover your shadow work and discover energetic blocks that keep you from manifesting your desired life. Briefly discuss the concepts of reincarnation and past lives. Experience a guided meditation to a past life to learn the lesson of that lifetime. Learn about soul reintegration. Receive a LIVE light language manifesting empowerment activation! Please note: An entire soul reintegration session is available for purchase for $495 and includes the soul blueprint session and a 1-hour coaching session

Day 4: Uncovering and Releasing Unprocessed Trapped Emotions
Learn how to use Akashic Records to heal past trauma and limiting beliefs. Examine stuck unprocessed emotions from present and past lives and how they affect you at the physical, emotional, mental, and energy levels. Gain an understanding of the somatic experience that can occur when trapped emotions are held within.

After the 4-day class, you have the opportunity to continue your awakening and exploration of soul reintegration with:


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